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Tips For Your Best Bikini Wax


I'm Dr. Meg, inventor of Cooch-eez silicone panty used to get numb before bikini area hair removal / waxing. I wanted to share some tips below that will hopefully guide you to your best bikini wax / sugaring experience.

-Exfoliate gently 1 - 2 days ahead of time, not the day of the wax .
-Try to avoid waxing the week before your period--period! It is more painful.
-Stay well hydrated before your wax.
-Wear loose-fitting clothing to your waxing appointment to avoid chafing and irritation. No thongs!
-If you have purchased Cooch-eez silicone panty, be sure to wear it with numbing cream at least 2 hours in advance the first time you use it to be sure your numbing cream has kicked in and you are ready to go! Once numb, wipe off all the cream to avoid it absorbing into the bloodstream.
-UltraNumb is a strongly preferred favorite cream because it is thick, penetrates the skin well, and won't interfere with waxing because it is water-based.
-Avoid working out and intercourse the same day as your wax--it will cause irritation.
-Discuss with your physician whether it is safe to take a Motrin-type over-the-counter medication (also known as NSAIDs) 1 hour before your wax (it is not recommended for people with certain stomach and kidney conditions, or who take blood thinners).

I hope this helps you have your best wax / sugaring experience, ever!

-Dr. Meg

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