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About Dr. Meg

Dr. Meg is a practicing, board-certified primary care physician working in Los Angeles, California. The Dr. Meg brand was founded when, out of the usual frustration and unnecessary suffering of the bikini wax experience, Dr. Meg decided, "enough is enough!" 

She embarked on a journey toward inventing her patent-pending Cooch-eez silicone bikini brief. This process involved  learning to sew, and months of experimenting with patterns, sewing with multiple fabrics and materials, and, ultimately partnering with the manufacturer for the current 100% silicone product line. Testing for this product was rigorous, and the only animal involved in testing was Dr. Meg, herself (a proud vegan and animal rights proponent).  

Dr. Meg hopes that everyone who wants one will soon enjoy a better bikini wax, laser hair removal, electrolysis, or tattoo experience from using Cooch-eez--the revolutionary silicone bikini brief. 

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